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The story of 'New Beginning'

In one of my art exhibition one person came to me and wanted to hear the stories behind my artworks. He saw my artwork so powerful and influential, that he wanted to hear everything about the painting process, my feelings included. That was quite lovely I think and exactly how it is; Every painting has its own, unique story, that gives the ability to immerse even deeper into the painting. This gave me the idea to write you stories about a few of my most significant paintings.

First I would like to take you into the story of 'New Beginning'. The story is partly fictive and partly truthful, a view form the part of my soul at that time. Take a comfortable position and let yourself be inspired and relaxed.

"I was standing shivering on the road. The road, that I had walked for a long time. The wind was clearly intensified and with coolness it blowed on the surface of my skin, swayed my dark tresses from one shoulder to the other. The field around the road was partly covered with mist and the gentleness of the bluish sky had ominously become dim as whispering "do you see how alone you are? Will you already give up and see, that this road will never end?" In these moments I almost descended into some black cavity, maybe it was called despair. Maybe fear. But though it spoke so slickly, convinced how insane I was, deep inside I knew, that I was meant to walk this road. Even though I did not see anyone, I knew, I wasn´t alone.

I looked the stony road and inhaled deeply. I was extremely tired, but I prayed: "all right, I´ll continue. I trust. Strengthen me." The steps that I took felt like boulders upon my feet. The wind increased even more and the sky threw the drops of a foreshadowing rainstorm. Feisty I sweeped the tear of of my cheek, and slowly, time after time I thrusted my feet to the ground. In my sensitive and fragile inmost grew a hotblooded burn. Trust. Stubborn decisiveness. I could not give up. I had come this far already.

I flinched of a sound I heard and stopped. I was almost sure, that I heard a bird chirping, but I was wavering. I had not heard a bird sing for a long time. I squinted my eyes to see better to the end of the road where I saw movement. Step by step my walk turned lighter, regardless the wind did not relent.

I delighted seeing the birds soaring in the air. Curiously I hastened my walk, for something red caught my eye.

I halted in front of the big burgundy flower bushes, and as I peeked over them, I saw the road continuing towards a valley full of flowers. Weary from the journey, yet gratefully, I watched the carefree flying of the birds and into my heart fell the words: "new beginning."

Consequently, art is a very interesting subject, that in addition the artist has her own story about the painting, but also inside the other viewers could arise their own story about the same painting. Would be lovely to hear, in what ways art speaks and moves you? What do you see in my painting 'New Beginning', and what does it speak to you?

Katja Stefanovic


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