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A warm welcome to explore my art and through that, also getting to know me. I already loved drawing and painting when I was a little girl, but in these last years I have found my inner, passionate artist. This led me to start creating art as an entrepreneur K.S Art Design in 2021.

The vestige of my paintbrush is precise and deliberating, still intuitive. I paint Acrylic abstract, colourful and bold paintings, but also earthy and tranquil artworks. My art can portray something very specific, or then again something completely intuitive and abstract a dance of colors and shapes, and everything in between these two moods. My aim is to convey onto canvas harmony and pretentiousness combined, always in a balance of the customers wishes.

A pleasant artwork is an awesome decoration element that can empower, pacify and speak to the heart. It is very important to me that you would feel my art pleasing and I am privileged to get to create emotive art to the wall of your home or your workplace, and in that way, to be a part of the unique journey of your life.

Katja Stefanovic

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